Sometimes I think people write too much when they really don’t have anything to say. With this in mind, I thought I would give writing about the election some time to process the events. Fortunately, my daughter, Lilly, graduated as salutatorian from Crandall High School two days after the election and said things better than I ever could. I will include a few excerpts from her speech.

“Before I start, I noticed that there has been no prayer throughout this ceremony and I feel like it is wrong for me to not include God in one of the most important moments in my life since he is the most important person in my life.” She then prayed and it was the only prayer in the service. She then thanked her teachers, friends, the band, her lunch table, her extended family, and many others including her brother.

“Mom, I have no idea what i’m going to do without you. You are the most selfless, kind, and the most godly person I know. You are truly a woman after god’s heart and I could not have been blessed with a better mother. Dad, same goes for you. Through this last campaign, you have been so strong and have leaned on God. You have showed how to turn the other cheek as the other side has tried to ruin your name with lies and deceit. While you may not have won this earthly battle, you won the war against evil. Through your clean and honorable race, you have shown me that doing what God called you to do is greater than any earthly success because we are not of this earth but we are of God. And for that I am so grateful.”

She went on to the second part of her speech and spoke of three funerals she recently attended and how the class should put significance over success as these three people had in their too short lives. “So I leave you with this charge. Choose significance before success. Love others well. Have no regrets and no retreats. Thank you.“

I could not be more proud of the young lady she is. She spoke of others above herself and showed humility, courage, and grace beyond her years. I will leave this letter as she left her speech. No regrets and no retreats.
Go get ‘em Lilly. You are an inspiration to me and I will follow your advice.

Your fellow Texan and Lilly’s dad,

Stuart Spitzer, M. D.