Stuart Spitzer Releases Tax Returns Calling for Transparency

Today Stuart Spitzer released his personal tax returns for the last 4 years. In so doing he called on his opponent to show transparency as well.

Dr. Spitzer said, “Legislators are elected by the people, to serve the people. None of their personal or professional dealings should be designed to exploit their position as an elected official. The only way for voters to be certain this is the case, is for candidates and elected Representatives to release their tax returns.”

“When it comes to government, transparency is critical. This session we saw numerous attempts by legislators to increase government transparency, and the results weren’t pretty,” Spitzer continued

He concluded, “It’s my hope Lance Gooden will follow suit and be open tot he voters of House District 4. Being honest with the voters of House District 4 should be easy for an elected official, and I hope this decision starts a discussion about what it means to serve the people of Texas.”


Stuart’s tax returns can be found below.

2012 returns

2011 returns

2010 returns

2009 returns


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