Stuart Spitzer Files His First Legislation of the Session

Dr. Spitzer is pleased to announce the first filing of several bills he plans to introduce for the 84th Legislature which starts on January 13th at the Capitol in Austin. HB 384 is designed to provide general-law municipalities the ability to pass local ordinances to restrict sex offenders from child safety zones in the municipality. Home Rule cities already have the authority to set Child Safety Zones within their city limits. General Law cities are those under 5000 population and encompass the majority of cities in the district. HB 384 will give those city councils and residents the option to set Child Safety Zones if they so choose.

Dr. Spitzer comments on the legislation saying, “I talked to thousands of voters in my campaign and this is one of the many issues we encountered that must be fixed as soon as possible. I look at this as a local control issue and this puts the decision where it should be, in local government.”

HB 384 was filed at the request of a local mayor. It has been filed in the previous session as HB 601 by Representative Lozano of House District 43 and as HB 1177 by Representative Gooden. However, neither version made it out of committee last session.

Stuart is an Athens native, who lives with his wife Shari, and two children, Lilly and Luke.  They are active in Kaufman’s First Baptist Church, where Dr. Spitzer is a deacon, Sunday School teacher, and works in the children’s ministry.  He regularly mentors in public schools and coaches youth sports. As a graduate of Trinity Valley Community College, Baylor University, and UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Dr. Spitzer currently provides care at Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman.

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