Spitzer Takes on Obama!


One of the reasons I want to serve you in the Texas House is the over two decades I’ve spent working as a surgeon. Having graduated from medical school in 1993, I’ve seen the rapid advancements in technology and research that enable doctors to better treat patients, giving them and their families a better quality of life.

The hope for better care at a more affordable price, however, is fading quickly. The President’s multi-billion dollar boondoggle known as Obamacare is a poorly disguised attempt to place bureaucrats between doctors and patients. Its ultimate goal is to collapse the healthcare system as we know it, forcing every American into a single-payer, government healthcare scheme.

A few days ago I shot this short video talking about my experiences in the medical field, and the hardship Obamacare will inflict on the nation if not done away with immediately.

We are truly witnessing the end of the time-tested doctor patient relationship. The massive government pressure for hospitals, doctors, and patients to conform to federal mandates, no matter what someone’s personal convictions are is truly disturbing. Additionally, Obamacare mandates that our personal medical history be archived with federal databases, leaving our family medical records vulnerable to snooping by both rogue individuals and the Federal Government.

I want to take my experience in the medical field to Austin and fight back against liberal plans to expand Medicaid, enforce unconstitutional federal insurance mandates, and open the door for Washington style bureaucracy in Texas. You can count on me, as someone who’s seen it all, to work with other Legislators to forge a path for Texas that frees people to choose the kind of coverage they want, drives quality of care up, and drives the cost of obtaining healthcare down. Please watch our video, and share it with friends and family in House District 4.

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