Spitzer on Terrell State Hospital

Prior to even being sworn in to office I was in discussions with HHSC, Senators Nichols and Hall, and other stakeholders concerning all options on the table with regard to improving the care of the patients in the Terrell State Hospital. It was back in December prior to my swearing into office that Senator Nichols made me aware an audit would be taking place.

There were those in the community who pushed privatization aggressively, as recently as this month.  I was not one of them.  The State Auditor’s report has since revealed that “The Health and Human Services Commission (Commission) did not ensure that its decision to tentatively award a contract to GEO Care, LLC to manage selected operations at Terrell State Hospital provided the best value to the State.“.

I will continue to work to improve the care and stability for patients and staff of the Terrell State Hospital.”

Courtesy link to full report of the State Auditor’s Office


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