Newsletter February 4, 2015


It has been an exciting start of the 84th Session. I have been working hard with my colleagues from across the state to make sure that we can honor those men and women who bravely risk their lives, so that we may be free.

That is why I am honored to share with you HB 115. This bill will award the Texas Purple Heart to the victims of the tragic Ft. Hood shooting. Since the Federal Government won’t recognize these attacks as terrorist related, we have taken step to show the Nation that “Texans take care of Texans” as the author of HB 155 Representative Tony Dale stated.

Click Here for more on HB115
Listed below are the other Bills that I have authored and filed for this session:

  • HB 384- Relating to the authority of general-law municipalities to restrict sex offenders from child safety zones in the municipality.
  • HB 538- Relating to municipal judicial and law enforcement authority on a segment of a highway or street that abuts property located in a municipality.
  • HB 628- Relating to the requirement that a pharmacist honor a prescription written by a practitioner.
  • HB 916- Relating to the governing board of the Trinity Valley Community College District

Yesterday, we received our committee appointments and I am honored to announce that I have been placed on the County Affairs Committee and the Human Services Committee. The County Affairs Committee we will be tackling issues pertaining to County boundaries, finance, jail standards, and many others issues concerning county government. With Human Services, my fellow members and I will be supervising nursing homes, foster care, school lunch, and much more.

I am looking forward to the days ahead. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. Make sure you like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter to get more updates on what is happening in Austin.

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