JoAnn Fleming Endorses Stuart!

Today I am grateful to announce the endorsement of a friend and fellow conservative in arms Joann Fleming. Joann is the Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People and two-term Chairman of the Advisory Committee to the TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus.

Joann gave her endorsement saying, “We desperately need constitutionally conservative leadership in Austin. Legislators who will stop the “borrow and spend” abuse that has grown our state debt 125% in the last ten years. This means getting state government back into its proper role – funding only those core constitutional functions of state government.” She continued,“Stuart knows more government is NOT the answer! I am happy to strongly support and endorse Stuart Spitzer for Texas House District 4.”

I never take any endorsement for granted. Joann has been there fighting for conservative issues time and again and I am grateful for her support.

We are fighting an uphill battle against the establishment but every day see great progress! Your support is vital to achieve victory on March 4th.

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