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The business of government is to empower private business through fair, predictable, open tax codes and regulations. The less regulation and taxes we have, the better private business will be. Business should succeed or fail based on the business model, financial model and the ability to succeed in an open marketplace. Its relationship to government should never be a factor. Unfortunately, there are those who believe government should tax all to give to some. This is crony capitalism. That is why businesses hire lobbyists and give to legislators. I am for free market capitalism. History has proven it is the best system for a prosperous and free society.


As we are a nation of immigrants, I am for legal immigration. I am for assimilation into the American culture. America is a melting pot and not a multicultural nation. My grandfather spoke German when he went to first grade, but he learned in English. The voting ballots were in English. Our family is not German American, we are Americans. On the other hand, illegal immigration has brought chaos to our hospitals, schools, and job sites. It costs billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs. I see these costs in this district as a physician, father and taxpayer. At a minimum the state should stop all inducements to come here illegally. Elimination of sanctuary cities, bilingual education and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants would be a good start. Even these common sense measures have not been passed despite the fact that Republicans have had a majority in the Texas House for years. I would support these measures


I was honored to be a leader in the fight for Life at both ends of life: Life of the unborn and life of the disabled and ill. I passed legislation to ensure food and water were not denied humans at the end of life. There is a stronger law for pregnant minors to keep them from being pushed through the abortion industry. This is the same abortion industry (Planned Parenthood) who was recently seen selling and bragging about their ability to harvest “intact organs”.   As a physician and parent, I have a unique ability to see these life issues for what they are and as a legislator, I have the ability to influence the priorities of Texas on life issues.

Small Government

Any decrease in the size of government gives every Texan more money. Freedom is the ability to spend our own money as we wish and to be free from government intrusion on our lives and families. Any increase in government transfers our money and our freedoms to Austin. I believe in a smaller, more efficient, and more open form of government.


“Politician” has become a bad word. This is sad because they should be public servants with the public as their main concern. Too often they say words that will get them elected and ignore the people they were elected to represent. The Texas Constitution demands a Republic. This is the form of government where the elected should represent their district to the betterment of the district and the state. Personal gain should have no place in a Republic.

Term limits

It is in vogue today in conservative circles to favor term limits. I think this is largely unnecessary if the voters would perform two simple functions. The first one is to elect candidates with the character to act as servants, those who will serve and then go home to live under the laws they passed. The second function of the voters is to vote the political class out. By doing so, the power remains with the people and not with another government law. As a Representative, I have a 2 year term which means the voters get to decide every 2 years whether or not to renew my contract.


Education is critically important for Texas to continue to lead the United States and the world. Federal spending, mandates, and required testing are hurting the students by tying the hands of our teachers. Education should be more open to teach each child at his or her own level.


Marriage will be a huge issue before the 85th Texas Legislature. With the recent US Supreme Court ruling, the topic will be more important than ever. There are always unintended consequences and the US Supreme Court should be a court and not legislate. I continue to support traditional marriage. It is still the best and most proven way to rear children.   Non-traditional marriage will weaken marriage and thus weaken society. I stand for a strong Texas and strong traditional marriage.

Health Care

We are called morally, ethically and even Biblically to help those sick and in need. Our current system does a poor job of doing this. Reform equals something other than more money sent into the same system. Reform limits federal strings on federal money. True reform gives patients control of their health care and takes control away from insurance companies and government bureaucracies.

Gun Rights

Gun rights were expanded during my time in the legislature. Open carry and campus carry are now law. I was able to work with the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association to advance gun rights in Texas. I look forward to strengthening and securing these gains in the next legislative session.

“The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of worse men”. –Plato

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