GOP Leader Endorses Dr. Spitzer

Today I am excited to announce a major development in our campaign, Bill Baker has endorsed us in the race for House District 4. Bill is a long-time community leader and conservative activist in Kaufman County he commands the respect and confidence of Republican voters both in Kaufman County and across HD 4. He currently serves as the Kaufman County GOP Chairman

Baker happily endorsed our campaign saying, “There is a battle going on in Austin to stop spending and government expansion. Too often in recent years the Texas miracle has been threatened by lawmakers who want to govern like politicians in Washington or Sacramento. To turn things around, we need to send men and women to Austin who will stand firm on fiscal responsibility, family values, and stopping the Federal Government from messing with Texas with mandates like Obamacare. Stuart Spitzer’s extensive experience in the medical field as a surgeon will serve us well when it comes to turning back the tide of red tape coming from Washington. I encourage everyone in HD 4 to support Stuart Spitzer.”

I’m thrilled to be endorsed by Chairman Baker. It’s clear that conservatives are uniting behind our campaign, and that our message of conservative principles and transparency with the voters is resonating in a big way. As the groundwork begins to send a conservative to Austin from Kaufman and Henderson Counties, Chairman Baker’s support will be invaluable in winning a truly grassroots campaign.

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