Republican – District 4


I am excited for the opportunity to serve the people of House District 4 in the upcoming 84th session of the Texas Legislature. There will be many issues facing Texas. I have picked my staff and we are currently working on specific legislation.

This will be my first session however there will be major changes in Austin. All of the major offices in Texas including Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General are going to be occupied by new people. Hopefully we can bring a fresh perspective and keep Texas the greatest state in the Union. There will be much to learn, but this will not be my first time to learn something new. I have some experienced staff and have become friends with some other like-minded representatives. My staff and I are eager to get started.

I will be official after the "swearing in" in mid-January. At that time my staff and I will get new email addresses and phone numbers. Until then this website has a good contact email. I hope you will contact me before, during, and after the session starts. If I am to adequately represent you and the district, I need your input. I hope you can come down and visit during session. We have a beautiful capital in Texas and I hope my staff or I will be able to show you around.

Your fellow Texan,


Today, Sen. Robert Nichols, Rep. John Wray and myself filed SB 347 and HB 916 which will allow for the expansion of the number of members which will serve on the governing board of the Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC).

I have an Associate’s Degree from Trinity Valley Community College and it has helped me attain my educational goals.  This bill will allow more representation as TVCC continues to expand and help others in the region.

Trinity Valley Community College has seen a lot of growth in the area they represent,” said Senator Nichols. “The expansion of the Board of Trustees at TVCC will allow them to provide the opportunity for more areas to be represented.”

According to Dr. Glendon Forgey, President of TVCC, the expansion of their governing board will provide greater representation for more of the districts residents as well as provide possibilities for additional educational opportunities for TVCC service area residents. This will also encourage annexation of school districts not currently in the district, which would allow students in those districts to take advantage of much lower in-district tuition and fee rates.

We greatly appreciate this legislation which will allow the Trinity Valley Community College Board of Trustees to expand,” said Dr. Forgey. “There are a few independent school districts that are considering joining the TVCC tax paying district and allowing them to have representation on the board might encourage the voters to approve annexation.”
Local community colleges have enabled thousands of Texans to gain an education and skills at a fraction of the cost of other institutions of higher education. In many cases they also provide specific technical training for those whom a 4-year college wouldn’t be the best option.

“Trinity Valley Community College is a valuable educational asset to my constituents in Henderson County and allowing TVCC to expand their Board of Trustees will provide for greater representation of the areas they serve”, said Representative Wray.

In addition I had the pleasure of meeting one of my youngest supporters Justin Jones, and had the honor of giving a welcoming speech at the Texas Capitol to his group from TeenPact; an organization whose mission it is to train youth to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and