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I am excited for the opportunity to serve the people of House District 4 in the upcoming 84th session of the Texas Legislature. There will be many issues facing Texas. I have picked my staff and we are currently working on specific legislation.

This will be my first session however there will be major changes in Austin. All of the major offices in Texas including Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General are going to be occupied by new people. Hopefully we can bring a fresh perspective and keep Texas the greatest state in the Union. There will be much to learn, but this will not be my first time to learn something new. I have some experienced staff and have become friends with some other like-minded representatives. My staff and I are eager to get started.

I will be official after the "swearing in" in mid-January. At that time my staff and I will get new email addresses and phone numbers. Until then this website has a good contact email. I hope you will contact me before, during, and after the session starts. If I am to adequately represent you and the district, I need your input. I hope you can come down and visit during session. We have a beautiful capital in Texas and I hope my staff or I will be able to show you around.

Your fellow Texan,


God in his infinite wisdom has chosen to lead us here to this night of victory; I am humbled by the sacred trust placed on my shoulders by the voters of House District 4 in Henderson and Kaufman Counties. I will strive daily to best represent that trust and the district by thorough examination of the issues before the legislature based on the ethical and constitutional principles given to us by our Founding Fathers.

I want to thank my loving/wonderful wife, Shari our children, Lilly and Luke and my parents RC and Ann Spitzer for their hard work and support during the two campaign seasons it took to bring us to this victory. I also ask for their patience as I transition into office. I want to thank all of my supporter’s and campaign volunteers who put in countless hours knocking on doors, making phone calls, putting up signs and all of the other things it takes to have a successful campaign. This victory is theirs as much as it is mine.

My staff and I are already hard at work preparing for the upcoming 84th Legislature which will convene on January 14, 2015 and we welcome input from you. Some of the major issues looming for this session include Healthcare, Education Funding, Transportation and Water Rights. I am preparing legislation based on issues I have seen firsthand and have been brought to my attention by constituents.

Our country, state, and we as individuals are in great danger from over reaching bureaucrats and governmental intrusions into our daily lives. I want to tell you that the Doctor is In and my prescription for these ill’s is and always will be LIBERTY!

Humbly and with gratitude, your servant and fellow Texan,

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Stuart Spitzer for State Representative
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