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I am running for re-election in March of 2016. There was much accomplished in the 84th Legislative Session but much work remains to do. We strengthened the laws concerning our southern border. We protected the rights of the weak in hospitals. We passed gun laws to allow Texans to defend themselves. We took in more money than we spent and actually gave some of the remainder back to the people where it belongs. There is still much to do regarding defending life, liberty, and property. Those things are always under attack and we must remain vigilant.

It has truly been my honor to represent House District 4 which has been my home for almost 40 years of my life. My children were born and have lived in Henderson and Kaufman counties their entire lives. We hear about "these lives matter" or "those lives matter." Well I believe all lives matter including East Texas, rural, and small town lives. Increasingly, our government is run by the elite (or those who think they are elite) with little regard for the hard working citizens who pay the bills. I am not an elitist and have no desire to be. I do have a desire to return to Austin for the 85th Legislative Session in January of 2017 to continue representing HD 4 in Austin. Until then you can find me representing The State of Texas here, at my office, at work, at events political and not, as well as enjoying the good life with family and friends.

Your fellow Texan,


The Texas State Legislature worked late into the night on May 13th to approve a bill to strengthen “judicial bypass”. For a little background, in Texas, before a physician can perform an abortion on a minor girl (17 years or younger), he or she must obtain written and notarized consent of the minors parent or guardian.

The Supreme Court of the United States mandates any state that requires consent to have an alternate means for a minor to obtain an abortion. In Texas, this alternate route of consent is known as a judicial bypass.A judicial bypass is an order granted by a judge that allows the physician to perform an abortion on the minor without parental involvement.

The intent of this law was to provide minor girls with an opportunity to conceal an abortion from their parent(s) or guardian(s) when concealing the act was clearly in the minors best interest, as determined by the courts. However, over time the intent of judicial bypass has been eroded and stretched in order to grant judicial bypass in circumstances that were never intended. House Bill 3994 seeks to strengthen Texass judicial bypass law by making improvements necessary to protect the original intent of the landmark 1999 legislation.

Among other provisions, the bill extends the date and time by which a court is required to rule on an application and by which an appellate court is required to rule on an appeal of the original courts ruling. Previously, the judge had 2 days before the court was deemed to have failed. Now the court has 5 days to deliberate before issuing a ruling. “As a surgeon, I understand the importance of informed consent before any surgical procedure. As a parent, I want to know about procedures performed on my child. If the government is going to step into this issue, we need to be sure that the courts have the time, information, and a very good reason,” said State Representative Stuart Spitzer MD.

Stuart Spitzer for State Representative
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